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Personal injury
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Recreational Orthopedics” is the more-or-less proper term for a pastime that is informally and more widely known as casting.

What is casting? For many thousands of people worldwide, it is the attraction to orthopedic casts and personal injury. That’s right; like on a broken arm or leg. To see casts, to create them, or to wear them—these urges seem to be a mysterious force that originates somewhere deep in the caster’s psyche. Many have analyzed the phenomenon but no ultimate explanation exists for the strong draw that usually exists from early childhood. Many prominent casters feel that some kind of psychological imprinting goes on, where the child forms a pleasant association with a cast seen early in life.

Casters come from all walks of life, and the only other common denominator other than the attraction to casts is the assumption that each one of them felt that he or she was the only one in the world with this strange obsession…until the Internet casting community grew.

From a small handful of web sites in the mid-to-late 1990s, casting has taken its place internationally among other sexual and non-sexual pursuits such as leather, rubber, BD/SM, and other fetishes. Most major countries have sprouted casting web sites, and the audience for photos of people in casts has grown dramatically. Discussion forums, sources for materials for making casts, chat rooms devoted to the subject, and a large variety of image galleries are on the web. There are even “cast fests” where casters meet each other.

While the original sites devoted to casting were labors of love and simple in design, within time commercial sites evolved with varying degrees of sophistication, offering pictures and videos on subscription. Some use professional models; others use amateurs. Some are purely business ventures and are not produced by casters. Some segments of the casting community bemoan this fact while others support the pay sites that produce material at a pace and quality with which the amateur could not compete.

Putz LLC oder Glasfaser

Is it a fetish? For many, it is a sexual fetish, but for other casters it is not consciously associated with sex. Some casters who are “wearers” only feel complete when a limb is encased in a cast, veering into a version of “body integrity identification disorder”. Some experience an intense fulfillment from being immobilized, even without any sexual activity. There are heterosexual and homosexual casters alike. 

Some casters want to wear a cast (“wearers”), and seeing a cast on others only intensifies the longing to have one. Other casters are “watchers”, who desire to see casts on others. Some casters are both.

As a general rule, older casters prefer the traditional plaster to the more modern fiberglass casts, probably because that is what they first observed. Plaster is still commonly used in some European and South American countries, but in North America the majority of casts applied in hospitals are fiberglass. Younger casters, who have grown up seeing the colors of fiberglass and casting tape, prefer those materials, although there is some overlapping of tastes. All casters are dismayed by the current shift away from using casts in the medical treatment, with surgery now being performed for even simple fractures. With this development, not only is the pleasant sight of a cast less and less common, but it makes the caster who wants to “public”—i.e., wear a cast in public—more obvious. For many casters, seeing or wearing a cast in public intensifies the thrill.
accident injury

Cast Experience: THE ATTRACTIONS / Schauspieler Experience: The Attractions

But what are the attractions of a cast to one so inclined? There are many facets of the experience. Some casters will be affected by only one; others by more than one. The writer is attracted to every category, which leads to his claim of being “100% caster”.

1) Restriction/Immobility. This can be sexually arousing in its own way, even if pain is not involved. As in other fetish camps with ropes, chains, gags, etc., casts create a similar effect. The writer has always felt that there is a much greater overlap between casting and the SM/bondage/domination fetishes that are hugely popular. I think that for some casters, casts allow indulgence in that restriction without feeling embarrassed about wanting to do something naughty like tie someone up. Casting is “BD/SM Lite”.

2) Disability. Casts create a temporary disability for a “wearer’ that can safely mimic paraplegia or amputeeism and allow a “watcher” caster to feel less embarrassed by his attraction to the subject’s disability and helplessness. This is a kind of “Para/Amp Lite”, as it were. Also, a large percentage of “watcher” casters also seem to be strongly nurturing people, and part of the appeal is the opportunity to care for the casted companion.

3) Pain. For some, there may be a distinct connection between pain and sexual excitement. But pain (or perceived pain) is part of many people’s sexual attractions, as in forms of bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism. Like casting, some followers of these fetishes enjoy experiencing it; some enjoy seeing it. A cast can be a visual suggestion of pain without having to cause it. If the wearer of the cast appears pained, it intensifies the excitement if one already (inexplicably) finds the thought appealing. A sub-category of casting exemplified by a couple older web sites where the focus is people incapacitated in medical settings. Medical Fantasy Gallery (now defunct) and Nurse Sindy are two examples.

4) Body Adornment/Accessory. Like jewelry and other body adornment such as piercings and tattoos, casts can make a woman or man more attractive by adding that extra piece of eye candy. Many casters love the sight of someone just going about their business, doing everyday things in a cast. There is a slightly quirky, appealing awkwardness to the fiberglass or plaster “jewelry” that I also appreciate. As a comparison, I have seen a trend for really cute girls today to wear reproductions of the ugliest design eyeglasses of the ‘50s, and it somehow works. Back in the ‘50s I wouldn’t have looked twice. Why something ugly looks attractive under the right conditions is also the essential mystery of cast esthetics in the first place.
accident injury
5) Esthetics/Appearance Of The Cast Itself. The texture of the plaster (or fiber), the shape or thickness, or other physical characteristics of the cast itself is a part of the whole thing for me, and I know for others as well. Now this is REAL fetish territory, i.e., it is sexually exciting on its own and distanced from the attraction of the person wearing it. Attraction to the cast itself fulfills the basic definition of a fetish—the projection of sexual feelings onto a non-sexual object. Veteran caster Gary2 once said, “There was only plaster in those days and the casts would become worn and dirty. Threads would hang off of them and eventually they would become gray and often covered with signatures”. A strong statement of esthetic preference in a cast. Another caster may prefer his casts freshly made and that may seem more “real”.

Recreational Orthopedics or casting is a harmless (though unusual) hobby; as a sexual proclivity it is a benign sort of fetish that surprisingly has no real seamy side. While it could be combined with any number of other sexual images—fishnet stockings and whips that have a “bad girl” connotation, for example—casting in its essence has a benevolent air that can be as innocuous as “playing doctor”.
There are perhaps other aspects of the casting experience and the attraction to casts that are not mentioned here. All interests and activities tend to grow and evolve. This little introduction should serve, at least for the time being, as a concise introduction to the world of Recreational Orthopedics. For those reading this who have always been casters (even though they may not have used the term), let it serve as a confirmation that you are not alone, and that in a world of truly bizarre obsessions, a love of casts does not make you crazy. In fact, it may mean you are less crazy than the next person!
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